A hazard is a source of potential harm. A hazard event is another term for emergency.

Some assurance activities examine system-wide risks that span across multiple hazard types, including reviews into the emergency management functions of sector organisations.

Examples of such assurance activities include the Review of 10 years of reform in Victoria’s emergency management sector and the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.

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Publish year Assurance activity Summary Organisation
2019 Review of impact assessment and consequence management (External link) A system-wide review exploring the impact assessment and consequence management arrangements in the sector, and identifying opportunities to ensure the arrangements aligned with performance expectations, leading practice, and intended community outcomes based on observations and findings from emergency events in Victoria, including the 2018 South West fires. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2019 Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan Update #2 2017–20 – Progress Report 2018 (External link) An assessment of the progress of the state's implementation of the SAP Update #2 2017–20. The SAP is a rolling plan that outlines statewide strategic priorities, with corresponding actions, to support Victoria in achieving its vision of safer and more resilient communities. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2019 Review of connecting and collaborating with the private sector and community organisations (External link) A system-wide review considering how the emergency management sector connects and collaborates with private sector and community organisations across the broad areas of governance, mitigation and resilience building, and response and recovery. The review considered the purposes for which collaboration is required now and in the future, and identified challenges relevant to sector organisations in connecting and collaborating. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2019 Review of emergency management for high-risk Victorian communities (External link) A system-wide review examining the processes and tools the emergency management sector uses for identifying high-risk communities, the vulnerabilities in those communities and how the sector addresses these issues in their planning and response processes. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2019 Implementation of recommendations from IGEM system-wide reviews – Progress Report 2018 (External link) An assessment of the state's progress on implementing recommendations from three system-wide reviews conducted by IGEM.
• Review of connecting with and preparing communities for major emergencies in Victoria
• Review of Victoria’s emergency management sector preparedness for major emergencies
• Review of community recovery following the 2013–14 Victorian bushfires
Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2019 Critical Infrastructure Resilience - 2018 Report (External link) A report detailing IGEM’s transition from monitoring implementation of critical infrastructure resilience arrangements to assessing their efficiency and effectiveness. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2018 Community Resilience Strategy – Indicators and Evaluation Framework (External link) A framework that elaborates on the measurement and evaluation components of the Community Resilience Strategy for VICSES, it links into key pieces of Victorian, Australian and International doctrine. In 2018–19 VICSES commenced implementation and started reporting on data associated with the measures set in the framework. Victoria State Emergency Service
2018 Critical Infrastructure Resilience – Implementation Progress Report 2017 (External link) A report outlining the progress of the Victorian Government and industry partners in implementing Victoria’s critical infrastructure resilience arrangements in 2017-18. This includes examples of good practice such as information sharing and cross-sector exercising; as well as improvement opportunities for further consideration. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2018 A monitoring and evaluation framework for disaster recovery programs (External link) A framework that sets an outcomes-based approach seeking to ensure disaster recovery programs can be evaluated for their effectiveness and that evaluations are undertaken in a consistent manner. Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience
2018 Community Resilience Strategy Year One Outcomes Report (External link) A report presenting key highlights, activities and outcomes for VICSES from implementing the strategy in 2016-2017 and the KPIs to measure achievement against the strategic objectives. Victoria State Emergency Service