The Inspector-General for Emergency Management works with its emergency management partners and Victorian communities to identify opportunities to improve the performance of the emergency management sector and strengthen emergency management arrangements and community safety in Victoria.

All our assurance activities are guided by the Assurance Framework for Emergency Management which provides the foundation for a coordinated and collaborative approach to sector-wide assurance.


Our approach

IGEM takes a collaborative, evidence-based and community-focused approach to its work.

Through engaging regularly with its emergency management partners and the community, we:

  • objectively assesses and monitors the capacity, capability and performance of the emergency management sector
  • promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Our focus is on reviewing strategic and system-wide issues and emergency management practices for potential improvement.  

We lead the collaborative development of the assurance framework for emergency management in Victoria that actively promotes and supports sector-wide improvement. 

Through our engagement with statutory entities, local governments, government departments, the private sector and community, IGEM gathers a wealth of information on emergency management practices to see what has worked well, what needs improving and the progress made with implementing sustainable improvements to work practices over time.

Through our consultations, reviews and reports, IGEM shares information with its emergency management partners and the community to support its contribution toward strengthening Victoria’s emergency management arrangements.

Reducing burden

IGEM conducts its assurance activities in the most efficient way possible, taking into account the need not to create unnecessary burden for organisations. Where possible, we acquire information through existing organisational activities, and existing monitoring or review processes.


What we do

IGEM’s functions include monitoring and assessing the capacity, capability and performance of the emergency management sector and undertaking system-wide reviews of the state’s emergency management arrangements.

Through the conduct of its assurance activities, we seek to promote a sector wide culture of continuous improvement. This includes identifying what is working well, where change is required, and monitoring the implementation of desired changes into practice.

While independent of Emergency Management Victoria and the Emergency Management Commissioner, IGEM works closely with these key entities in reviewing and progressively monitoring the performance of the emergency management sector to identify effective work practices and those areas where improvement is required.

Through ongoing monitoring processes, we also follow-up on the implementation of recommendations and actions arising from the emergency management sector’s operational reviews and other inquiries. This includes a consideration of the effectiveness of actions implemented and their sustainability in driving improvement in the long-term.

All IGEM activities contribute to building a sustainable and efficient emergency management system that reduces the likelihood, effect and consequence of emergencies on the Victorian community


How our work fits in the emergency management sector

All organisations have a role in assurance of the emergency management system.

Assurance activities within the emergency management sector - such as evaluations, reviews, monitoring, audits and debriefs - occur at many levels, and at varying times including at the direction of government. These activities measure and assess the capacity, capability and performance.

The relationship between broader sector processes and IGEM's assurance activities is shown below.

Ongoing consultation and engagement across organisations is essential to reduce any gaps and minimise duplication in assurance activities.


Relationship between broader sector processes and IGEM assurance activities

What is assurance?

Assurance is a feeling of confidence by the government, the sector and the community in the ability of the emergency management system to achieve intended outcomes to:

  • plan for
  • respond to
  • recover from emergencies.

This feeling of confidence should be proportionate to the quality of the assurance provided.

What is 'system level'?

System level refers to the issues associated with how organisations work together before, during and after emergencies