Publish date Title Summary Publication type
14/10/2020 Review of 10 years of reform in Victoria's emergency management sector A review of emergency management reforms and their effectiveness in supporting safer and more resilient Victorians Evaluation, review and investigation report
14/10/2020 Inquiry into the 2019–20 Victorian Fire Season - Phase 1 report The report into community and sector preparedness for and response to the 2019–20 fire season Evaluation, review and investigation report
14/08/2020 Report into the West Footscray Industrial Fire (August 2018) An examination of the broad consequences of an overall incident and improving collaborative response Evaluation, review and investigation report
10/07/2020 2019-20 Snapshot A selection of assurance activities highlighting IGEM's work over a 12 month period Corporate / strategic publication
09/07/2020 Victorian Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan Update #3 2018–21 - Progress Update 2019 IGEM's fourth progress report on the state’s implementation of SAP actions Monitoring report
01/07/2020 Strategic Plan 2020-24 An outline of IGEM's vision, purpose and work agenda Corporate / strategic publication
17/06/2020 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry - Annual Report 2019 IGEM’s fourth annual report on implementation progress of recommendations and affirmations from the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry reports Monitoring report
07/02/2020 Forward Projection of Reviews - 2020 A high-level, thematic overview of the potential areas IGEM may review from 2021 Corporate / strategic publication
12/11/2019 Critical Infrastructure Resilience - 2018 Report This report details IGEM’s transition from monitoring implementation of the critical infrastructure resilience arrangements to assessing their efficiency and effectiveness. Monitoring report
17/10/2019 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry - Annual Report 2018 This is IGEM’s third annual report on progress of implementation of all recommendations and affirmations from the 2014 and 2015–16 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry reports. Monitoring report