Public health emergencies can be caused by events which impact on public health or events that can potentially overwhelm the health-system.

For example, a highly infectious disease spreading through the community, health impacts arising from emergencies (for example smoke from a major fire or waterborne diseases during a flood), and any mass casualty situations or weather-related events such as thunderstorm asthma.

Examples of significant public health emergencies include the Victoria’s thunderstorm asthma event of 21–22 November 2016, and the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Publish year Assurance activity Summary Organisation
2016 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry - Annual Report 2016 (External link) An assessment of the Victorian Government's progress of the recommendations from the 2014 and 2015–16 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry reports, in line with the Victorian Government Implementation Plan and its 246 actions to address the recommendations and affirmations. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2015 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry Implementation Monitor – 2015 Annual Report (External link) A consolidated annual report by Hazelwood Coal Mine Fire Implementation Monitor and IGEM on government’s progress with implementation of recommendations and affirmations in the 2014 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry Report – Implementation and Monitoring Plan. The report found positive progress by the state and ENGIE. Inspector-General for Emergency Management
2014 Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry 2014 (External link) The Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry was conducted from February to September 2014 to inquire into the response to the 2014 fires which took hold in the Hazelwood mine as a result of embers spotting from bushfires. The Inquiry’s Terms of Reference required the Board to inquire into and report on a range of issues, including the origin of the fire, the firefighting response, fire prevention and preparedness measures taken by the owner, operator and licensee of the mine and regulatory agencies, the fire’s impacts on the health and wellbeing of affected communities, and the response to the health emergency. Board of Inquiry into the Hazelwood Mine Fire