Victoria’s emergency management agencies are making significant progress in improving bushfire safety across the state, a new report shows.

Inspector-General for Emergency Management (IGEM) Tony Pearce’s 2015 progress update on the 2013-14 Fire Season Compliance Report has found the sector is taking swift and appropriate steps to protect communities ahead of the upcoming fire season.

The update, delivered 10 months after the compliance report, highlights a number of key achievements including:

  • Fifty-four of 86 actions outlined in the compliance report have already been completed, with 22 ongoing and 10 in progress
  • Six of 10 recommendations outlined in the compliance report have been completed, with three in progress and one ongoing
  • Updates to road traffic management guidelines and procedures to ensure adequate consideration of community needs and animal welfare issues.
  • Revision of cross-border fire protection guidelines for the Victorian and NSW eastern border region, with a joint exercise held in Bendoc in November 2014
  • Significant community engagement undertaken by sector organisations, in East Gippsland and across the state.

The 2013-14 fire season conditions were the worst Victoria had experienced since 2009, with the East Gippsland region in particular facing substantial challenges.  

“The 2013-14 Fire Season Compliance Report identified a number of actions and recommendations to ensure Victorians are even better prepared for future fire seasons,” Mr Pearce said.

“Ensuring recommendations and actions are implemented locally is helping build safer Victorian communities.”

“I would like to commend the sector for implementing the majority of these actions and recommendations in the 10 months that have elapsed since the report was delivered.”        

The compliance report was delivered in October 2014, with the Victorian Government requesting a progress update following the 2014-15 fire season.       

The report is available from