Going for a swim this summer?

RETHINK taking risks around water this summer

If you’re planning to visit a beach, inland waterway or pool this summer, prepare to stay safe around the water as well as COVIDSafe.

This summer it will be important to do some extra planning before you leave home (External link), as public spaces including popular beaches, inland waterways and public pools may have increased crowds.

It’s a good idea to think about alternatives to popular spots before you leave home.

Be prepared for your day out:

  • Plan where you are going, make sure it is open and research potential alternative options in case it is too crowded
  • Check the weather before leaving
  • Know your own capabilities and plan for what you need to do to stay safe
  • Have an emergency plan / know how to call for help

To learn more about staying safe around water visit lsv.com.au/summersafety/ (External link)