Warnings on VicEmergency now use the nationally-approved warning levels of Advice, Watch and Act and Emergency Warning, and also have an action statement, advising people exactly what to do in response to emergencies.

The changes are being made as part of the Australian Warning System, an agreement to align state and territories’ approach to issuing emergency warnings for the five major hazards of fire, flood, extreme heat, severe weather and cyclones.

Victoria becomes the first state to adopt all aspects of the new system.

The move to a nationally aligned system was a recommendation from the 2020 Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.

Directions to ‘Evacuate Now’ and ‘Prepare to Evacuate’ were previously issued as their own warning levels, but will now be action statements under the Emergency Warning, or Watch and Act levels.

This will ensure the warning levels across Australia are aligned.

Finding emergency information

Never rely on one channel for emergency information. Connect to official sources of emergency information, including: