Extreme weather events, like floods and storms, can cause wildlife to become displaced, injured or disoriented.

You can do a lot to help injured, orphaned or sick wildlife. 

Wildlife Victoria’s Emergency Response Service gives you somewhere to call every time you find a distressed sick, injured or orphaned native animal.

You can call Wildlife Victoria's emergency response line on (03) 8400 7300 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Or report a wildlife emergency online (External link). This service is monitored 7 days a week from 6.30am to 8.30pm, during which time one of Wildlife Victoria team will call you back (typically within an hour)

Wildlife Victoria is staffed with highly trained operators who progress through a series of questions with each caller. This ensures that the exact details of each animal and that particular situation are recorded along with gathering all those vital statistics used to improve conditions and advocate for wildlife over the longer term.

There's also instructional fact sheets (External link) to help you with most common wildlife situations.