2 APRIL 2020

Victorians can now contribute their views and experiences to the Inquiry into the 2019–20 Victorian Fire Season by joining an online meeting.

Victoria’s Inspector-General for Emergency Management Tony Pearce is leading the Inquiry, which is examining preparedness for and response to the state’s fire season.

During this difficult time, community safety and wellbeing is the Inspector-General’s top priority.

By offering the online meetings, Victorians can continue to share their insights of the 2019–20 bushfire season with Mr Pearce through their phone or computer.

“I held 15 community meetings in fire-affected areas before coronavirus restrictions came into effect,” Mr Pearce said

“These were very positive meetings, with appreciation expressed that we are progressing with the Inquiry and providing an opportunity for community members to tell their story.

“In challenging times such as this we need to find different ways of working, and it’s also important we can offer Victorians affected by the bushfires ways to continue participating in our activities and stay connected,” said Mr Pearce.

In addition to joining an online meeting, individuals and organisations can continue sharing their views and experiences before, during and after the bushfires through submissions addressing the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference.

Submissions focusing on the Inquiry’ s Phase 1 - preparedness and response - can be provided up to 17 April 2020 by:

         Inspector-General for Emergency Management
         GPO Box 4356
         Melbourne VIC 3000

Register for an online meeting or make an online submission through IGEM’s website igem.vic.gov.au/fire-season-inquiry