EMC 2021

'The only thing that is constant is change'

Since October 2019, Australia has experienced an astonishing stream of disasters and emergencies like never before. 

Reeling from widespread bushfires to floods and cyclones, then the COVID-19 pandemic to heatwaves, the emergency management sector was given no time to take stock and refuel.  No sooner does one event abate, another strikes.

EMC 2021 will examine how the sector is adapting to constantly changing events and scenarios.  There is no ‘down-time’ any more.  Emergency responders must move seamlessly from one event to the next.  Each event has its own characteristics and demands a different set of responses and recovery procedures.

Program and registration

The program runs over 6 to 7 July, and held at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.

Early bird registration is open until 30 April.

To see the program and to register go to the website hpe.com.au/emcmelbourne/ (External link)

Keynote presenters

Dr Norman Swan, Health journalist and commentator  |  Andrew Crisp, Emergency Management Commissioner, Victoria  |  Luke Wilson, Border Crossing Commissioner, Victoria  |  Tony Pearce, Inspector-General for Emergency Management, Victoria  |  Joe Buffone, Director-General, Emergency Management Australia  |  Dr Niki Vincent, Commissioner for Gender Equity in the Public Sector  |  Jason Heffernan, Chief Officer, Country Fire Authority  |  Dr Catherine Bennett, Deakin University

About the conference

The Emergency Management Conference (EMC) has been a landmark event for the past 21 years in Melbourne as the annual gathering for management and operations staff and volunteers from Victoria's emergency management and services agencies. It is also attended by emergency management personnel from state and local government, NGOs and other recovery agencies.

Bringing together emergency management professionals and subject matter experts over two days, EMC offers insight, reflection, understanding and motivation across a wide range of topics and emergency management incidents. 

The conference is hosted by the Emergency Services Foundation (External link).