The government has released the Monitoring and Assurance Framework for Emergency Management developed by the Inspector-General for Emergency Management.

Read a summary of the Victorian Government media release below.

19 June 2015

The Monitoring and Assurance Framework for Emergency Management, developed by the Inspector-General for Emergency Management (IGEM) Tony Pearce, was officially launched today.

Under the framework IGEM will be able to review the preparedness for and management of emergencies and make recommendations on how to improve in the future.

It will ensure the lessons from emergencies are identified and turned into improvements that will make a lasting difference for communities, keeping Victorians safer and saving lives.

The emergency management sector will have a consistent and coordinated approach in assessing its capacity, capability and performance through activities such as reviews, evaluations, monitoring and reporting.

Adopting the framework will give Victorian communities and government greater confidence in the state’s emergency management arrangements, which supports the government's broader reforms.

IGEM will implement the framework to support continuous improvement across the Victorian emergency management sector.

Under the Emergency Management Act 2013, IGEM has the legislated function to develop, maintain and implement a monitoring and assurance framework for assessing the capacity, capability and performance of the emergency management sector.

The Monitoring and Assurance Framework for Emergency Management is available at

Quotes attributable to Inspector-General for Emergency Management, Tony Pearce

“It is essential our emergency management sector is responsive to changing and challenging emergency situations.”

“This framework clarifies responsibilities across organisations to ensure a consistent sector-wide approach to monitoring and assurance.”