Impact assessment and consequence management are two discrete but related initiatives in Victorian emergency management.  

Both initiatives are concerned with understanding the implications of the emergency for the community.

This review explores current arrangements for impact assessment and consequence management in the emergency management sector, and opportunities for improved emergency planning, response and recovery through efficient and leading practice.

In the context of Class 1 and 2 emergencies, the review of impact assessment and consequence management examines:

  • the three forms of impact assessment undertaken in Victoria: initial impact assessment, secondary impact assessment, and post-emergency needs assessment
  • the consequence management approach used to identify, communicate and minimise the potential adverse consequences of an emergency
  • the role and value of local knowledge in both impact assessment and consequence management
  • activities and direct implications of impact assessment and consequence management at the preparedness, response and recovery phases of emergency management.

In reviewing these two initiatives together, IGEM identified opportunities for improved integration of impact assessment and consequence management to drive continuous improvement across the sector.

You can access the report from the link at the bottom of this page, or view as a flipbook (External link).

Government response

Government released and responded to this report on 26 August 2019.

Read the full response: (External link)

Inspector-General for Emergency Management
Victorian Government
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