Between March and April 2020, Inspector-General for Emergency Management invited open submissions responding Phase 1 of the Inquiry, addressing the Inquiry's Terms of Reference.

Up to 30 March 2021, individuals and organisations were able to provide submissions to Phase 2 of the Inquiry, addressing the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference and matters for consideration, through online form, one-one-one interviews, email or mail.

Submissions were received from individuals from fire-affected areas as well as the broader Victorian community, industry groups, business and citizen associations, universities, peak bodies, researchers and academics, community health organisations and a broad range of community groups and organisations.

The Inspector-General thanks all who have made a submission for sharing their views, expertise and experiences.

Submission content

The views expressed in these published submissions are those of the submitters, and not necessarily the views of IGEM.

IGEM acknowledges that the community views and experiences received throughout the Inquiry are not necessarily representative of the entire Victorian community or the communities that were affected by the fires.

IGEM reserves the right not to publish or to redact information within a submission. IGEM has determined not to publish submissions that contain material that may be offensive or defamatory. Information redacted by IGEM is information that is:

  • Personal information such as names, phone numbers, addresses
  • Sensitive information
  • Offensive or defamatory content
  • Content that may be subject to Victoria’s privacy laws (such as images of people other than the submitter).

Your wellbeing

Submissions may contain names of, or references to, deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Please note that submissions may contain material including accounts of people's personal experiences, destruction of property, animals and environments. If you find this content distressing and would like assistance, services including Lifeline (call 13 43 57), offer confidential support and advice to help you deal with stress and personal challenges.