These reports, prepared by the Emergency Management Commissioner and the emergency management sector, identified improvement opportunities for the sector.

On 7 October 2014, IGEM delivered government with its 2013–14 Fire Season Compliance Report on the implementation of the actions identified in the three reports. At the government’s request, IGEM has prepared a progress report on all the actions and recommendations in the compliance report following the 2014–15 fire season.

In preparing this progress report, IGEM notes the significant progress and efforts of sector organisations in implementing the 86 actions and 10 recommendations outlined in the compliance report. IGEM considers that the majority of actions and recommendations have been satisfactorily implemented.

The Inspector-General expresses his gratitude to nominated representatives of sector organisations for their participation and assistance in the preparation of this report.

The 2013-14 Fire Season Compliance Report - 2015 Progress Update was published on 23 August 2016.

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