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Report name
Inquiry into the 2019-20 Victorian Fire Season - Phase 1
Lead agency
EMV - Emergency Management Victoria
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Due date
IGEM notes progress on this action
Recommendation theme
Recommendation 16: Cross-border interoperability
Recommendation details

The Inspector-General for Emergency Management recommends that Emergency Management Victoria works with the emergency management sector and relevant emergency management entities in New South Wales and South Australia to identify and address key cross border operational and resource management issues.

This engagement should aim to enhance interoperability and maximise the capability and capacity of agencies to work together during emergencies along Victoria's borders.


EMV commits to undertaking scenario exercises with cross-border emergency management partners to foster interoperability and stronger relationships between states.

Summary of progress

IGEM’s 2021 progress report noted that EMV's Cross Border and Preparedness Unit met with Emergency Management Australia in July 2021 to pursue opportunities for cross border training and exercises, and discuss setting up a network for this purpose. EMV advised that it met again with Emergency Management Australia in December 2021 and was awaiting further advice from them, which is leading to the establishment of the cross border training network.

EMV has also established a Cross Border Exercise Calendar on EM-COP to assist in the identification and planning of exercises by all sector partners.

EMV plans to work with sector partners, through the cross border committees, to identify opportunities to exercise cross border agreements to support interoperability. IGEM will provide an update on this work in its next progress report.