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Report name
Inquiry into the 2019-20 Victorian Fire Season - Phase 1
Lead agency
EMV - Emergency Management Victoria
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Complete (SEMP_
IGEM considers that this action has been implemented
Recommendation theme
Recommendation 15: Emergency management capacity
Recommendation details

The Inspector-General for Emergency Management recommends that Emergency Management Victoria collaborate with the emergency management sector to develop a capacity model that considers current and future:
a)    career and volunteer emergency management personnel requirements
b)    identified and trained personnel for surge requirements
c)    emergency risks and climate scenarios.


The sector, supported by EMV’s leadership, commits to:

  • Working with agencies to develop and document the services and supports they bring to the management of emergencies. This will provide clarity in respect to community expectations and responsibilities.
Summary of progress

EMV led the development of the first SEMP which came into effect on 30 September 2020 (refer to Action 2.2 on page 33 of IGEM's 2021 progress report). The roles and responsibilities section of the SEMP provides detailed information on the services and supports agencies bring to emergency management, providing clarity to the community.

The first EMV-led review of the SEMP is currently being finalised (refer to Action 12.7 on page 106 of IGEM's 2021 progress report) and the next review is scheduled to conclude after the 2022–23 summer season, enabling updates to agency roles and responsibilities to be reflected in future versions of the SEMP.

REMPCs and MEMPCs have an ongoing role in documenting in their own plans (REMPs and MEMPs) the services and supports provided by agencies at the regional and municipal levels. The Statement of Assurance required to accompany an emergency management plan through approval requires the plan preparer to confirm the plan includes relevant roles and responsibilities.