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Report name
Inquiry into the 2019-20 Victorian Fire Season - Phase 1
Lead agency
VicPol - Victoria Police
Due date
December 2020
IGEM considers that this action is closed and is being addresses by other actions
Recommendation theme
Recommendation 11: Evacuation
Recommendation details

The Inspector-General for Emergency Management recommends that Victoria Police – in collaboration with the community and the emergency management sector – reflect on events of the 2019-20 fire season to review and enhance evacuation plans and processes with consideration of:
a)    high risk areas (including remote locations)
b)    early evacuation triggers
c)    the potential for isolated communities
d)    the presence of tourists and non-residents
e)    individual decisions to not evacuate
f)    the inability to evacuate
g)    consequence management and compounding events such as the loss of essential services or health impacts.


Victoria Police, in conjunction with responder agencies will update and enhance risk intelligence and predictive service offerings to support evacuation decision-making as it applies to evacuation planning and support the development of modelling to enhance the future development of risk-based evacuation and localised emergency management plans.

Summary of progress

VicPol advised that it is not responsible for emergency management predictive service offerings but supports this function of the SCC as required.
In April 2020, EMV established the State Strategic Intelligence Team (SSIT) in response to the 2019–20 bushfires. The intent of the SSIT is to facilitate data, information and intelligence sharing, decision-making, and action across the emergency management system to minimise the likelihood, effect and consequences of emergencies. 

The SSIT works closely with its sector partners who surge into the SCC on high-risk days. The team also collaborate with stakeholders across community, business, government and agency sectors to understand trends and intelligence gaps.  

VicPol advised that its Intelligence and Covert Support Command regularly liaise with EMV and the SCC on mapping and suspicious fires data to respond to DELWP, FRV and CFA intelligence requests. Consequently, VicPol advised that no further activity is planned for this action.

IGEM notes that this action relates to intelligence and predictive service offerings as it applies to evacuation planning and decision-making. IGEM notes that this activity is being addressed through Action 11.12.