A status bar showing the action is complete
Report name
Inquiry into the 2019-20 Victorian Fire Season - Phase 1
Lead agency
CFA - Country Fire Authority
DELWP - Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Due date
December 2020
IGEM considers that this action has been implemented
Recommendation theme
Recommendation 4: Barriers to cross-tenure fuel management
Recommendation details

The Inspector-General for Emergency Management recommends that in conjunction with Inquiry Recommendation 2, the State establish or assign responsibility to a single body or entity to lead and coordinate the implementation of evidence-based fuel management policy, practice and assurance and reporting on activities on both public and private land in Victoria.


DELWP and CFA will release updated regional Bushfire Management Strategies to guide fuel management activities across public and private land by December 2020, as outlined in response to Recommendation 3.

Summary of progress

Across 2020 DELWP and CFA worked together to update and release six Bushfire Management Strategies aligned to the Victorian Government regions. The strategies guide fuel management across public and private land. Refer to Action 3.2 on page 62 of IGEM's 2021 progress report for further details.