Phase 1 - Sector and community preparedness and response

Work under Phase 1 has concluded

On 31 July 2020, Inspector-General Tony Pearce delivered government with his report on Phase 1 of the independent Inquiry. This will allow appropriate time for government consideration of the report before the next fire season.

Arrangements for tabling of the report in Parliament are at the discretion of the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

Once tabled, the report will be publicly available from this website.


Phase 2 - Emergency relief and recovery arrangements

The Inquiry is now in Phase 2, focusing on relief and recovery,

Submissions are open and can continue to be provided by email, online, and mail through to April 2021.

IGEM acknowledges that for many people recovery can be a long-term process, and is undertaking its community engagement in two stages:

  • During the first stage IGEM will gather feedback about the effectiveness of the emergency relief and initial recovery activities (first six months after the fires).
  • During the second stage, IGEM gather feedback on the progress and effectiveness of recovery activities in the medium term (12+ months after the fires).

The Inspector-General will provide their second Inquiry Report into the effectiveness of progress with relief and recovery arrangements to government by 30 June 2021.

The government will work with IGEM to allow timings of the inquiry to be adjusted to ensure its engagement with emergency management agencies will not impact current response efforts.