Publish date Title Summary Publication type
25/02/2016 Review of the initial response to the 2015 Wye River - Jamieson Track fire On 19 December 2015, two bushfires were ignited by lightning strikes in Victoria’s Barwon Otway area. Evaluation, review and investigation report
24/02/2016 Review of community recovery following the 2013-14 Victorian bushfires Community recovery following the 2013–14 Victorian bushfires is a system-wide review identified in the Inspector-General for Emergency Management’s (IGEM) 2015 Annual Forward Plan of Reviews, and is conducted under section 64(1)(b) of the Emergency Management Act 2013.

Evaluation, review and investigation report
19/02/2016 Lancefield-Cobaw Fire - IGEM Interim Progress Report - February 2016 On 19 February 2016, government released the Inspector-General of Emergency Management (IGEM) first interim progress report of the implementation of recommendations and commitments following the Independent Investigation of the Lancefield-Cobaw Fire. Monitoring report
30/01/2016 Annual Forward Plan of Reviews - 2016 The Annual Forward Plan of Reviews has been developed in consultation with the emergency management sector and focuses on strategic, emergency management-related systemic issues of significance to all Victorians. Corporate / strategic publication
10/11/2015 Department of Justice and Regulation - Annual Report 2014-15 An overview of the Inspector-General for Emergency Management's activities is provided in the Department of Justice and Regulation - Annual Report 2014-15. Corporate / strategic publication
08/10/2015 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission - 2015 Progress Report This is the first progress report prepared by the Inspector-General for Emergency Management (IGEM) on the implementation progress of the recommendations and associated actions from the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. Monitoring report
19/06/2015 Monitoring and Assurance Framework for Emergency Management The overarching assurance framework for Victoria's emergency management sector. Corporate / strategic publication
21/05/2015 Review of Performance Targets for Bushfire Fuel Management on Public Land In February 2015, the Victorian Government requested the Inspector-General for Emergency Management (IGEM) conducted a review of performance targets for bushfire fuel management on public land. Evaluation, review and investigation report
13/10/2014 2013-14 Fire Season Compliance Report The 2013-14 fire season in Victoria was one of significance, challenging both emergency management organisations and communities. Monitoring report
05/08/2014 Annual Report - July 2014 The Bushfires Royal Commission Implementation Monitor's final report Monitoring report