A partnership between the Inspector-General for Emergency Management and the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority has been recognised with the 2017 Justice Risk Award for collaboration in risk management.

Now in its third year, the awards recognise and acknowledge excellence in risk and resilience across the Department of Justice and Regulation and its portfolio entities.

The joint initiative ‘Revised IGEM risk profiling methodology for ESTA potential adverse events’ is a risk-based screening process providing a critical link for both agencies to identify issues and risks that, if not addressed, may continue to impact safety and wellbeing of Victorian communities.

IGEM provides assurance to government and communities on ESTA’s non-financial performance in delivering emergency call-taking and dispatch services. However identifying practices which deliver better outcomes for Victorians is another of its key functions.

Through provision of its emergency call-taking and dispatch service, ESTA – the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority – is the vital connection between Victorian communities and police, fire, ambulance and storm emergency response. On an average day, ESTA manages in the vicinity of 7000 calls for assistance.

ESTA’s process for identification of potential adverse events enables its people to identify those which require review and support continuous improvement processes. These notifications require review of the event within three days, and events with a high impact or critical risk assessment outcome require reporting to IGEM.

Application of the risk profiling methodology enables IGEM to differentiate issues for its investigation, from issues to be referred back to ESTA for trend analysis and internal review.

This collaborative approach to risk management has resulted in a steady and significant reduction in the number of high-risk potential adverse events ETSA reports to IGEM year-on-year. It also demonstrates ESTA’s commitment to building a more resilient system based on identifying and addressing systemic risk.

IGEM is now considering the potential for this risk profiling methodology to deliver improvements in other areas of Victoria’s emergency management arrangements.

The 2017 Justice Risk Awards were presented on 17 November 2017.


[Banner image, from left: Marty Smyth - CEO, ESTA; Amee Morgans - Executive Manager, Operations Support (ESTA); John Chatfield - Manager, Peformance Monitoring, (IGEM); Christopher Petty - Senior Officer, Performance Monitoring (IGEM); Tony Pearce - Inspector-General for Emergency Management]