The Disaster Challenge is a national challenge to encourage new ideas, new thinking and new research.

Hosted by Natural Hazards Research Australia (External link) with support from universities and emergency management organisations, the Disaster Challenge is inviting the best and brightest minds in our universities to put their creative talents into helping us solve the trickiest of social and cultural problems that surround how we deal with floods, bushfires, storms, cyclones and other natural hazards.

A wicked problem is one that is urgent, but difficult to solve because of incomplete, contradictory or changing requirements that are often difficult to recognise or evaluate.

With a national final and cash prizes on offer, what innovation can you or your team bring that Australia hasn’t done yet?

Want to know more about the Challenge?

Join the online briefing on 25 May (External link) if you are interested in participating or learning more.

The briefing will feature researchers and other experts in disaster management sharing current research and knowledge that relates to this specific wicked problem, as well as Q&A about the Challenge.