With funding from the Victorian Government, the Emergency Services Foundation (External link) is hosting a program of Mental Health Matters workshops for volunteers in 17 locations across the state.

The workshops are free and have been designed especially for emergency service / management volunteers with an interest in supporting the wellbeing of colleagues as well as looking after themselves.

Workshop benefits

Participants will leave the workshops:

  • knowing the how leaders [formal and informal] can support the mental health and wellbeing of a team
  • able to recognise factors which contribute to stress in a workplace
  • able to recognise early indicators of distress in themselves
  • able to recognise early indicators of distress in colleagues
  • confident in being able to start conversations about mental health and wellbeing with colleagues
  • knowing where to access mental health support and resources

Facilitated by OzHelp (External link) the workshops will be all-day events 


Workshops are being held in 17 locations across Victoria.

Clicking on a date and location from the list below will take you to its registration page.