Nominations (External link)for the 2023 Victorian Honour Roll of Women are now open!

Victorian Honour Roll of Women Program

Each year, the Victorian Honour Roll of Women recognises women who have demonstrated remarkable leadership and excellence in their field of expertise, interest, endeavour, or through their commitment to the community.

Since 2001, more than 700 women have been recognised for their incredible efforts in Victoria, Australia and beyond.

Inductees to the Honour Roll are recognised for their achievements in a broad range of fields, including science, arts, environment, law, social justice, family violence prevention, research, health, media and education.


Victorian women can be nominated (External link) for their achievements in either paid or voluntary work.

The nomination categories are:



A trailblazer is an inspiring role model who effectively leads the way for women starting out in a field which is traditionally male-dominated and has significant barriers for women. They may break new ground in their line of work and challenge traditional gender stereotypes, attitudes and norms.


Local champion

A local champion is a dedicated member of their community. They have used their skills and expertise either in a voluntary or professional capacity. A local champion may be an unsung hero, or a woman whose substantive contributions are deserving of wider recognition. They may be working to shift perceptions of women in leadership and decision making at a local level.


Change agent

A change agent is a woman who has made an enduring commitment in their field of expertise, interest or endeavour that has brought about significant and lasting change. They are renowned within their field and have lifted the visibility of women as subject matter experts. Through persistence and determination, a change agent shines a light on a particular cause, disrupts gender stereotypes, initiates much needed reforms or supports a shift in public perception.


Emerging leader

An emerging leader is a young woman redefining leadership in their field of expertise, interest or endeavour, and whose accomplishments position them as a strong role model and an inspiration to the next generation. They may be just beginning their leadership journey and demonstrating the capability, vision and commitment to shape the future of Victoria. Nominations for this category are open to women aged between 16 and 30.