Under the Emergency Management Act 2013, the Inspector-General for Emergency Management (IGEM) develops and maintains a monitoring and assurance framework for emergency management, including outcome measures, against which the capacity, capability and performance of the Victorian emergency management sector (the sector) is to be assessed.

The Monitoring and Assurance Framework for Emergency Management (the framework), developed in partnership with the sector, is the overarching assurance framework for the sector.

The framework contributes to the sector's vision of 'safer and more resilience communities' by supporting continuous improvement and promoting a coordinated sector-wide approach to assurance.  It seeks to ensure that lessons from emergencies are identified and turned into sustainable improvements that make a lasting difference for Victorian communities.

The framework describes at a high-level:

  • what assurance is for the sector
  • why assurance is important for achieving the sector's vision
  • who conducts assurance in the sector
  • how assurance is conducted in the sector.

To support the ongoing implementation of the framework, IGEM:

  • develops assurance plans to provide more detail on how specified emergency management arrangements will be monitored, reviewed and assessed
  • will develop guidance notes to provide further information on good practice assurance and links to tools and resources.

The framework

Read the Monitoring and Assurance Framework for Emergency Management


Annual Assurance Summary

Under the Monitoring and Assurance Framework, IGEM prepares an Annual Assurance Summary to highlight Victorian emergency management incidents of note and significant assurance activities for a particular year.

It provides a high-level picture of sector performance, risks and progress against Victoria's emergency management reform agenda.

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