Consistent with its function and objectives under the Emergency Management Act 2013 (the Act), since 2015 IGEM has monitored implementation of Victoria’s critical infrastructure resilience arrangements, assessed incremental improvements and identified improvement opportunities.

This report explains why IGEM is transitioning from monitoring implementation of the arrangements to assessing the efficiency, and eventually the effectiveness, of the arrangements.

This report:

  • begins with a case study on the South Australia black system event to provide readers with an appreciation of the interdependencies between services
  • provides an overview of the arrangements in Victoria
  • outlines IGEM's interpretation of the intent of the arrangements based on the objectives and roles for government and industry established in the Act and based on the vision, principles, strategic priorities and roles for government and industry described in the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy
  • explains how this interpretation is guiding IGEM's approach.

Critical Infrastructure Resilience - 2018 Report was published on 12 November 2019

You can access the report from the link at the bottom of this page or view as an online flipbook (External link).

Inspector-General for Emergency Management
Victorian Government
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