This is the Inspector-General for Emergency Management’s (IGEM) second, and final, annual progress report on the Victorian government’s implementation of recommendations from IGEM’s 2015 Review of performance targets for bushfire fuel management on public land and the 2015 Independent Investigation of the Lancefield-Cobaw Fire.

IGEM reports all recommendations from the review are now complete or have transitioned to business-as-usual. Importantly, this signals the completion of the move from a hectare-based fuel reduction target, to a risk reduction target.

One recommendation from the investigation is also complete and two remain ongoing. Work continues to develop a cross-tenure operating model and regional strategies for bushfire fuel management that consider alternative options for fuel management and bushfire risk.

Monitoring of the remaining recommendations will continue as part of IGEM’s ongoing assurance activities, and will be reported as part of the annual summary of investigations into breaches of planned burn control lines.

Annual Report - Implementation of recommendations on bushfire fuel management - October 2017 was published on 16 January 2018.

Inspector-General for Emergency Management
State of Victoria
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