Were you or your business affected by the 2019-20 bushfires in Victoria’s Gippsland, NorthEast and Alpine regions?

The impact and affect of fires may include:

  • needing to seek shelter from the fires because you live, work or were visiting the fire-affected areas
  • experiencing damage or destruction of your home or property
  • having your education, employment or business disrupted 
  • experiencing damage or destruction in the community where you live or work
  • disruptions to services such as power, water, telecommunications and roads 
  • change in your mental health or emotional health.

You can help improve relief and recovery after future bushfires by:

Your experiences and feedback will help the Inquiry understand if relief and recovery arrangements in place are working or how they need to change.

You can also share your views with the Inquiry through:

  • requesting a telephone interview by calling 0409 249 054
  • emailing a submission to igem@igem.vic.gov.au (External link)
  • mailing your submission to Inspector-General for Emergency Management, GPO Box 4356, Melbourne VIC 3001