Recent events such as the 2019-20 bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the sector’s reliance on critical employees to support emergency management operations and ability to surge workforce resources as needed in the event of a prolonged disruption or emergency incident.

Examples of past reviews examining human resource capabilities and capacity to support emergency management operations include, Managing Emergency Services Volunteers and Review of incident management teams: accreditation and rostering.

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Publish year Assurance activity Summary Organisation
2015 The Evaluation Report: Municipal Emergency Resourcing Program (External link) A evaluation of the MERP, this report made four recommendations, two of which related to continued funding and better allocation of funding among councils. The other two recommendations sought to ensure the MERP had clearly defined objectives and intended outcomes and for LGV to continue improving its communication with councils. Local Government Victoria
2015 Natural Disaster Funding Arrangements: Inquiry Report (External link) An inquiry into natural disaster funding arrangements found they are inefficient and unsustainable, and recommended systemic changes to recovery and mitigation funding – specifically that the Australian Government increase its contribution to mitigation funding and reduce its contribution to recovery funding. Australian Government
2014 Managing Emergency Services Volunteers (External link) An examination of the adequacy of strategic and operational planning within CFA and SES to identify and address volunteer workforce capacity and requirements, including recruitment, retention and support. The report found that addressing these issues is critical to the long-term sustainability of these emergency services agencies. Victorian Auditor-General's Office
2013 Management of Unplanned Leave in Emergency Services (External link) An assessment of whether AV, MFESB and VicPol were effectively and efficiently managing unplanned leave. The audit provided recommendations to all three agencies separately based on its findings. Victorian Auditor-General's Office