Recent events such as the 2019-20 bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the sector’s reliance on critical employees to support emergency management operations and ability to surge workforce resources as needed in the event of a prolonged disruption or emergency incident.

Examples of past reviews examining human resource capabilities and capacity to support emergency management operations include, Managing Emergency Services Volunteers and Review of incident management teams: accreditation and rostering.

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Publish year Assurance activity Summary Organisation
2022 Business Continuity during COVID-19 (External link) An examination of all eight Victorian Government departments - plus IT provider Cenitex - on their preparation for a major disruption prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and if plans were effectively implemented to maintain prioritised services during the pandemic. Victorian Auditor-General's Office
2022 Final Report of the Independent Review into Workplace Equality in Ambulance Victoria (External link) Volume II of the Final Report examines the experience of workers across the employment life-cycle and proposes strategies designed to embed equality into the culture, systems, policies and practices of the organisation so that Ambulance Victoria can become a safer, more equal, fair and inclusive workplace for all. The report makes 19 recommendations to address systemic barriers, fill gaps in policies and procedures, and improve individual and organisational capability to deliver, measure and monitor workplace safety and equality outcomes. Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
2022 Volunteering and Australia's crisis resilience (External link) An analysis of the ways volunteers contribute to crisis resilience in Australia, it examines volunteers in emergency management, and their inclusion in current national disaster arrangements. It concludes by highlighting key drivers of change in the sector, and suggesting measures to improve effectiveness and safety across crisis prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery, and to preserve volunteer efforts in crisis resilience in Australia. Independent
2022 Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority Capability and Service Review: Final Report (External link) A review that responds to concern around the effectiveness of ESTA’s capability and capacity to deliver consistent Triple Zero (000) services across Victoria, it considered all aspects of ESTA’s operating model and assessed the agency's capabilities against the core services it delivers. The review made 20 recommendations which the Victorian Government supported in principle. Independent
2021 2021-22 Quarter 1 Fire Services Outcome Framework Progress Report - Fire Services Q1 performance results (External link) An independent quarterly report that provides observations on the progress of CFA and FRV against their respective outcomes-based fire services performance indicators. Fire Services Implementation Monitor
2021 Fire Services Implementation Monitor Annual Report 2020-21 (External link) An assessment of the first eight months of implementation progress of Victoria’s fire services reforms (15 October – 30 June 2021) focused on 36 of the 54 Year One Fire Services Reform Implementation Plan (Year One Plan) actions, categorised and assessed under three themes: agency capacity and capability, collaboration between CFA and FRV, and workplace culture and diversity. Fire Services Implementation Monitor
2021 Volume 1: Final Report of the Independent Review into Workplace Equality in Ambulance Victoria (External link) A report detailing widespread reports of incivility, disrespect, discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation within Ambulance Victoria. Its 24 recommendations include actions focused on improving safety and harm prevention, developing a victim-centred and fair reporting and complaints system, engaging the workforce in developing and committing to new organisational values, and strengthening the organisational structures required to implement reform. Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
2020 The 3Vs Final Report: Uncovering the hidden value (External link) A report providing perspective on the value created by volunteers. The report estimates the economic value of Victoria’s emergency management volunteers at between $1.9 and $2.5 billion annually and analyses how non-economic impacts of the 3Vs, volunteers (the people), volunteering (the activities) and volunteerism (the culture), can be identified and measured Emergency Management Victoria
2019 The people behind 000: mental health of our first responders (External link) An inquiry into the role of Australian, state and territory governments in addressing the high rates of mental health conditions experienced by first responders, emergency service workers and volunteers, the report makes 14 recommendations that seek to address the rates of conditions experienced. Parliament of Australia
2017 The 3Vs interim Report: Uncovering the hidden value (External link) An identification of different types of value provided by emergency management volunteers, including supporting measures and data, for effective policies, practices and decision-making. The report details potential approaches and methods to develop a more robust view of the value of volunteers, volunteering and volunteerism. Emergency Management Victoria