CSIRO’s Global megatrends impacting the way we live over coming decades (External link) report highlights seven emerging megatrends.

Megatrends are trajectories of change that typically unfold over years or decades and have the potential for substantial and transformative impact.

In its 2022 report, Australia’s national science agency identified the megatrends that have the potential for impact over 20 years to 2042 and the challenges and opportunities these megatrends create.

  • Adapting to a changing climate - new ways of operating that organisations and communities will need to adapt to in the face of a changing climate
  • Leaner, cleaner and greener - opportunities pushing us towards a more sustainable horizon and the importance of science, technology and innovation in helping organisations to operate
  • The escalating health imperative - opportunities provided by preventative health and precision health in supporting better health outcomes for all Australians
  • Geopolitical shifts - implications of emerging geopolitical risks relating to science, technology, trade, supply chains and defence strategy
  • Diving into digital - digitisation for organisations and the opportunities enabled by digital and data technologies
  • Increasingly autonomous - how AI and related science, research and technology capabilities are helping to boost productivity and solve challenges
  • Unlocking the human dimension - social drivers influencing future consumer, citizen and employee behaviours.

This report provides opportunity for the Victorian emergency management sector to understand and apply the identified challenges and opportunities in sector activities – where possible – to better prepare for future emergency events. 

Source: CSIRO