Our Assurance in Emergency Management online resource provides you with a single point of access to assurance reports mapped against 15 risks which are relevant to Victoria.

Lists are grouped by risk and can be filtered by organisation and year of publishing.

These risks are:

  • all hazards
  • biosecurity
  • bushfire and other fires
  • climate change
  • communications disruption
  • cyber security and ICT systems failure
  • energy supply disruption
  • flood
  • hazardous material incident
  • heatwave
  • public health emergency
  • supply chain disruption
  • terrorism and extremism
  • water supply disruption
  • workforce and resourcing

Use our resource to provide a valuable insight into the observations, findings and recommendations from previous and current assurance activities related to emergency management.

What are assurance activities?

Sector organisations including IGEM, undertake reviews, evaluations, debriefs, investigations, audits, and monitoring activities. These are ways of  drawing on information or evidence to answer certain questions such as:

  • What is happening?
  • Why is it happening?
  • Does it meet standards?
  • Does it fulfil commitments?
  • Does it achieve intended outcomes?

The findings are then used to support an assurance, or a provide a feeling of confidence in the ability of the emergency management system.

Assurance activities are conducted before, during and after emergencies, and results may be published for transparency and accountability.



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