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Established on 1 July 2014, the Inspector-General for Emergency Management is providing assurance to government and the community in respect of emergency management arrangements in Victoria and fostering their continuous improvement.

The Inspector-General for Emergency Management's activities are contributing to building a sustainable and efficient emergency management system that minimises the likelihood, effect and consequence of emergencies on the Victorian community and ultimately, contributes to a safer, more resilient Victoria.

Contribute to IGEM Communities to have a say in review of thunderstorm asthma response

The Victorian Government has requested the Inspector-General for Emergency Management to review the emergency response to the Melbourne thunderstorm asthma event of 21-22 November 2016.

The Inspector-General invites public submissions to their review of the emergency response to the thunderstorm asthma event of 21–22 November 2016

Public submissions addressing the lines of enquiry must be received by 5pm, Monday 30 January 2017 and will be used to inform the Inspector-General’s final report.

For further information on this review and how submissions will be used visit myviews.justice.vic.gov.au